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Imagine the Confused Vampires After Jesus' Crucifixion
Potato Masher in The Drawer - Every Single Time!
Um, Ron - Nancy Sinatra called. She wants her boots back.
World's Most Accurate Pie Chart
Great Design For Toilets and Conservation
Trickle Down Dining- A Parallel To Trickle Down Economics
Coffee Keep Me From Creating New Problems
A Simple Way To Spend a Day
When J. R. R. Tolkien read Macbeth in school, he felt "bitter disappointment and disgust" over what he considered Shakespeare's "shabby use" of the moving forest, which actually never came alive but was revealed to be a trick. Later in life, Tolkien made a point of writing a story where the trees actually came alive. The creatures came to be known as Ents in the Lord of the Rings.
The Road to Success is Paved in Coffee.
Apologize To Your Parents For Attacking A Loving Father
Bleeding Heart, Pinko Commie Libtard Who Had Mercy