More Christianity Memes for You!

I'm profoundly offended by Mega Churches. Build God a Mega Homeless Shelter and stop being selfish pricks.
God Told Us To Hate You
Bleeding Heart, Pinko Commie Libtard Who Had Mercy
Genesis 6:6-7 "The Lord regretted making human beings on the earth, and his heart was grieved. 7 So the Lord said: I will wipe out from the earth the human beings I have created, and not only the human beings, but also the animals and the crawling things and the birds of the air, for I regret that I made them."
"Lighthouses are more helpful than churches."
Christianity - Looks Good at First But Then
Jesus Had It Rough
Happy Kids Are Not Found in Church
What Happens When You Truly Read The Bible
Missionary Taking to a Native American
THE DEVIL taking the blame for humans who won't own up
Being An Expert in Things That Don't Exist