More Funny Memes for You!

Just Drink It Straight From The Coffee Pot
A Few Of The Reasons for Coffee
Don't let anyone tell you tacos don't work miracles
The Lime is in The Coconut, Now What?
When the waiter shows up with your food, and you've already eaten 12 bowls of chips and salsa.
Why should I study science, biology, physics? It is useless, I will never use it. I will not be a scientist.
This Is Fido's, The World's First Tap House Where You Can Have A Beer And Meet Foster Dogs Up For Adoption Me: Leaving Fido's after 15 beers. (with a small herd of newly adopted dogs!)
When Someone Claims You Have Too Many Books
ladies please just hear me out
Potato Masher in The Drawer - Every Single Time!
Where Is All This Money Coming From?
Boyfriend with a Sense of Humor and One Other Thing!
When I type "I'm ducking mad" this is what I mean
Totally Relief for the Alien Invasion
Accurate Introductions for Bond and Trump
The Misery of Finishing an Excellent Television Series
Permanently Exhausted Pigeon Thankful for Coffee
Baby Boy Chasing Pussy Cat
Graphic Artists' Reaction to a Common Saying
It's a Grater with a What on It!