Save Your Parents – Block Fox News Hand-Picked Products for You!

The perfect desk toy to impress colleagues and clients alike! Of course, it’s just fun to sit and play with it yourself.

Should we believe in God? In this brisk introduction to modern atheism, one of the world’s greatest science writers tells us why we shouldn’t.

Sport the holy trinity of the science world with this sweet t-shirt and help the masses understand the basics of each branch.

Make a statement with this Science ➜ Like Religion But Real tee. Don’t miss this tee if you’re looking for faithless gifts talking about atheism.

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As the jury was awarding the Sandy Hook Families $965 Million in damages, Alex Jones was streaming live, asking for donations, promising that none of the money would go to the Sandy Hook families because he has declared bankruptcy and would tie it up in the court. I don't know who is worse; Alex Jones or the people who are sending him money.
Um, Ron - Nancy Sinatra called. She wants her boots back.
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Just a reminder that the Republican Party has embraced Alex Jones every step of the way. They appear on his show. They invite him to their conferences. They credit him for their wins. They spread his conspiracy theories. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS THE PARTY OF ALEX JONES.
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