Young Boy In The Library With An Insightful Question

I work at a bookstore and this was an actual conversation I had at work last night:

5 year old boy: *brings me a romance book* what’s this?

me: a story about two people falling in love!

b: … is there a dragon in it?

me: no..

b: then why do you even have it on the shelf? Hand-Picked Products for You!

Make a statement with this Science ➜ Like Religion But Real tee. Don’t miss this tee if you’re looking for faithless gifts talking about atheism.

Mornings are a difficult time without stupid people behaving without any knowledge of how irritating they are. Let ’em know how you really feel.

MAKE BATHROOM TIME GREAT AGAIN! with a Donald Trump toilet brush and Donald Trump toilet paper.

The perfect desk toy to impress colleagues and clients alike! Of course, it’s just fun to sit and play with it yourself.

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