Midterms 2022: What the Republican lie of “up until birth” abortion really looks like.

By Bridgette Dunlap
Midterms 2022: What the Republican lie of “up until birth” abortion really looks like.

“We have to talk about Baby A.”

When the doctor finally came in, I was aware something was wrong. I was pregnant with twins and 37 years old, so we’d had many ultrasounds before. But something was taking too long. The ultrasound techs were usually cheerful and chatty, but this one kept asking how far along I was and remeasuring Baby A’s head.

I was well aware from my time as an abortion lawyer that many terrible things can be discovered at the 20-week scan. But somehow it just seemed too on the nose for one of those terrible things to be happening to me.

Baby A had enlarged ventricles in his brain. This could mean nothing and resolve on its own, we were told. Or it could require…

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