Republicans introduce a bill to make it a felony to perform drag shows in Tennessee

By Marissa Higgins
Daily Kos
Republicans introduce a bill to make it a felony to perform drag shows in Tennessee

At this point in evaluating results from the midterm elections, we know the so-called red tsunami simply did not materialize. Did Democrats have some considerable losses and disappointments? Yes. But we had a lot of considerable wins, too, including in unexpected places and on the local level. We didn’t get governor spots in Georgia and Texas, yes. But Republicans certainly didn’t win so soundly they’re going to sit back and be quiet for a while.

In fact, on Wednesday, Republicans in Tennessee pre-filed a bill to criminalize drag shows. If this bill makes its way into law, it would make drag shows a crime that could result in charges ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony. Yes, really. SB 3 is remarkably broad, vague, and sweeping—if signed into law, it could be applied to anything from a drag show to a drag queen story hour to even certain comedy acts and other performances.

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